Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monster trucks.

Monster  trucks  is  by.Nancey corteyou,   my  little  brother  loves   this  book.I  think  kindergarten  boys   would  love  this  book.It gives them information about  the  parts of   the monster trucks.And about  what  the  monster trucks  had   to  go  through.Did you know  that  Brutus the monster truck was  a  orange  truck.And  the reason  the  monster  trucks  name  was  Brutus  was  because  the  drivers  dogs name  was  Brutus.

How I get all of my work done.

You all know that I play softball and I am a fourth grader.  But trust me being a softball player is some hard work.  I have to go to softball practice thee times a week plus six games on the weekends.  I have math work called DIBS and Solve This and practice sheets. My spelling is the worst... I have five sheets of it!   I have to study my vocabulary every day.   I have to read my Reading Street book too.  So you are asking how do I do it?

I come home everyday and my Grandma helps me with my homework.  I am so lucky to have her!  After practice my Dad and I sit down and look over my math.  Mom quizzes me on my vocabulary on the way to school in the morning.  I also try to squeeze in some extra reading in the bathtub when I get cleaned up after practice.

For softball I stay fit and drink lots of water so I can be in the hot catchers gear and help my team out.
Lily Kay