Monday, June 27, 2011

Misty of chincoteague.

T his book called  Misty of  Chincoteague by MargueriteRite.This is a real story.  It is about 2 children... a boy and a girl.   The boys name is Paul  the girls name is Moreen.Their Grandma  and Grandpa take care of  them.  They save there money for a horse called Phantom I did a book report on this book.  It is so cool.  I hope to go and see the wild ponies someday.

Friday, June 24, 2011

yes it is me

my teams name is the diamond crushers . And the thing I like  most about being in the spot is if  you  get a  hi pop they cheer for the   play  I made. + I play  aau fastpich softball   

Flawed Dogs!

In this book Flawed Dogs by Berkeley Breathed there is a dog named Sam  that is missing leg and he is trying to get hi old owner back.  He is misunderstood .  His owner adopts a Cassius a poodle that is a big problem.  Cassius gets Sam injured and his owner thinks he is dead.  She leaves him and Sam joins a team of dogs to seek revenge on Cassius.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

how i have a fun time

Anyone that has a  fourth  or fithgrade child  should have five new chapter  books. i think  they  should  go out  side and  play a sport ,an out side camp, and mix in some games,makesure  most  of  the  things we sneak  are healthy.I learned a leson from eating  all that junkfood yuck.